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Covid19, Racial pandemic, and the Presidential Election.

Wow, it has been a very challenging year and more is yet to come! Working and learning from home has become the new "normal", while social distancing and wearing masks are an accepted way of dealing with the pandemic.

Racial injustice and -inequality are brought to the spot light and hopefully will make a more permanent and effective change.

The upcoming presidential election will have an impact on society and it is important to make sure your voice is heard: VOTE.

Mental health has also become an urgent social matter and a pandemic that needs immediate attention: 80% of adults over 30 report high anxiety and stress related to COVID19, including job loss, death of a loved one, moving, teaching kids from home and social isolation.

Teens and kids are particularly vulnerable because they have lost the potential support from their schools due to COVID19, including free lunches and access to a school counselor.

Please pay attention to everyone around you, a kind word goes a long way. We are in this together and need to help and support each other. If you think someone needs immediate mental health assistance refer them to a psychologist, however if they talk about not wanting to get up in the morning, feeling hopeless or helpless, giving away priced possessions call the Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

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