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Freeze, Flee or Fight?

Which one are you caught in? The terms mostly relate to trauma or specific events that may put us in a state of alert. So much is happening in the world, as we speak, just listening to the News, puts us in a state of alert.

However, a similar experience can be applied to a state of complacency or feeling comfy, even safe; fearful to have new experiences or change what we are doing, also referred to being caught in a "rut".

As a life-time learner and eager to do something different, I have devoted my life to encourage individuals to explore different options or try something new; if you are feeling suspended in a state of "Freeze, Flight or Fight", it may be time to refresh your approach to life and get guidance from a psychologist. Give it a shot, you have everything to gain and maybe find a sense of direction to escape your sense of confinement and feeling stuck .

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